Thursday, 16 May 2019

Welcome to Term 2

Well done to all of our Year 3 students who are currently completing the NAPLAN testing. I know you have all been trying your very best and I am very proud of all your efforts so far. J

Super Scientist
In Week 5 we will be conducting our Super Scientist Presentations. In Term 2 we encourage the students to perform an actual physical experiment or demonstration, using equipment. It can be based on any Science topic they are interested in researching and learning about.

The presentation is to be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 minutes. Students can use a PowerPoint for their presentation and they should be able to give information about the science behind their experiment. The students have been informed of this as well.

Please be reminded that the children are encouraged to take responsibility for their presentations and must come prepared and ready to present on their allocated day. The roster for our presentations will be displayed on our classroom notice board in Week 4.

Miss Zaffino

In Science this term we have been learning about natural processes and human activity and how they affect the earth. We investigated the effects of water erosion on soil and recorded how much soil the water took away. We graphed the data and discussed the results. It was interesting to see the effects of erosion.
Written by: Neve, Navshan, Amelie and Joshua J.

English – Reader’s Theatre
In English we have been learning about Reader’s Theatre. Each table group has been given a script to read and rehearse, then we presented them in front of the class. This has been helping us to improve our speaking and listening skills. We used expression to show who, what and where the character is. Everyone liked the way each person expressed different characters and feelings. We can’t wait to learn a new script!
Written by: Alyssa, Merlyn, Sophie and Steven.

Maths - Measurement
In Maths this term we have been learning about measurement. Last week we explored volume, capacity and mass. We used measuring jugs and cups, scales, bucket and tapes to measure and weigh a range of items in our classroom. These are things that we need to know for our daily lives.
Written by: Jessica, Nadia, Skyla, Timothy, Joshua T and Yusuf.

Design and Technology – Mother’s Day Mugs
For Mother’s Day we designed and created a mug to give to our mums. First we planned our design and decided on the materials that we would need to create them. Miss Zaffino took them home to bake them in the oven so that the paint pens would dry. We placed them in a gift bag with a card inside and tied them with a bow. Our mums were so excited to receive them on Mother’s Day.
Written by: Sarah, Rithi, Tariq and Sarthak.

During ICT we have been learning how to do a range of things on the computers and we have listed some below:
·         We learnt how to use word to type up documents.
·         We completed our Literacy Pro test to find out our new Lexile range.
·         We have been using Typing Club to practise and improve our typing skills.
·         We are learning how to use PowerPoint to make slide shows for our oral presentations.
·         We also learnt how to use paint on the computer with Mr Meachem as well as how to program and code the Blue Bots.

Written by: Savarnah, Grace and Danny.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Harmony Day

On Friday 22nd March we celebrated Harmony Day. Room 25 participated in the Harmony Day Parade wearing lots of different costumes to represent the many different cultures and countries at our school.

We were also very lucky to spend time with our Room 6 Buddy Class during that week with a fun activity! 

Friday, 29 March 2019

Senior Assembly 29th March

We have so many fantastic achievements to celebrate in Room 25 this week!
  • Congratulations to Savarnah, Yusuf and Navshan for receiving a Merit Certificate today!
  • Well done to all the students who achieved their blue or red certificate on Literacy Pro (pictured below). 
  • Alyssa won the poetry competition for year 4 and was awarded with a framed copy of her winning poem.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019


Hi everyone,

If anyone would like to help their year 3 child prepare for completing the NAPLAN test online, here is a link to do some practice questions and the steps required to access the tests. We have accessed this site in class so the students should be familiar with how to use it.

Select Year 3
Select learning area to practice
  • Reading
  • Conventions of Language
  • Numeracy
Select Standard Test
Select Next (no numbers required)
Select Next (no numbers required)
Select Yes Example Test Student
Select Test

Miss Zaffino

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Senior Assembly 1st March

Congratulations to Jessica, Nadia and Rithi for receiving a Merit Certificate today! Well done to Danny for achieving his blue certificate on Literacy Pro.